Do THIS Everyday And You Will Feel Better, We Promise!

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Today is a special day.

It is the day we all remember what matters about life.

It is so easy to get caught up and completely distracted by the basic needs to survive, and as our economy (and many other countries) continues to fall to pieces, we may find ourselves totally lost, disappointed, sick and tired.

What can we do about this?

It is really so simple, and yet many of us have forgotten how, so here is your reminder.


Yes play, whether it is playing cards, a game of tag, throwing sticks for the dog, tell some jokes, invite friends over for dinner but tell them they have to dress out of character, or put on your favorite dance music and pretend to be a world famous choreographer or symphony conductor.

Another fun thing to do that we guarantee will make you feel better is to turn up the music while you are driving and sing at the Top Of Your Lungs…really belt it out like you are on stage and letting it all hang out.

An important aspect to this life saving strategy is to use your imagination, be creative and playful, do something different and light that has nothing to do with your job or any other daily chores.

We promise, you will soon notice that fun feeling, energizing and lifting your spirits.

When we feel better, we look better. When we feel better, others around us notice and will be affected too.
When we smile and laugh, it secretes chemicals in the brain that increase our feeling of well-being.

This is not an accidental by product of being human, it is an essential part of being human!

Enjoy LIFE, celebrate LIFE, be grateful about LIFE.

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Our brain was built for this, so use it!
This playful message was brought to you by the
Fountain of Wellness Team

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