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These are ideas that we have thrown together under a category we like to call: DID YOU KNOW?

We hope it sparks some thoughts worth having today…

Did you know the world bank is the number 1 funder to all the big dams built in the world. The world bank has legal immunity in all the countries it operates in.

Did you know that scientists give mice and rats MSG and aspartame to make them fat. These products are KNOWN to make these animals fat. These animals are NOT EVER normally fat by their nature.

Did you know that when MSG became the bad guy in the media- it was renamed hydrolyzed vegetable protein/ soy protein, and today is still found under another dozen different names, including ‘natural flavors’.

Did you know that some members of Congress still argue the validity of whether man is causing global warming to accelerate. The scientific community is no longer arguing about this.

In 50 years, the population has tripled.

In four days, you will die without water.

As we destroy nature we will be destroyed in the process.

Solidarity between peoples is stronger than the selfishness of nations.

Did you know that Denmark has a factory that releases its carbon into the soil rather than the air; and wind farms that produce 20% of the countries electricity.

Did you know that in one hour the sun gives enough energy to fulfill our consumable need for an entire year, for all of us. Stop digging and reach up!!!

Did you know that if we begin mobilizing the green energy technologies that are already ‘on the shelf, ready to use’ we can reduce our carbon foot print by about 90%. This isn’t a technical issue – this is a leadership issue.

Did you know that Costa Rica did away with its military spending and is now harvesting wood in the natural balance for recovery to occur.

Did you know that there are 5000 inhabitants that live in the first eco friendly community in Germany, producing their own energy. Another 1000 cities around the world have joined them.

Innovation and education are inexhaustible resources.

“Peace can not be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding. Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”  A. Einstein

Let today begin your own philosophical journey!

The Fountain of Wellness Team.

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