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silverA new study has just been released by Dr. Staninger on her findings stating the health hazards of using Colloidal Silver. Back in February of this year, Dr. Staninger had 2 new patients come under her care for Advanced Nano Material exposure, aka Morgellons. Their previous health care provider had prescribed the use of a popular name brand Colloidal Silver as a therapy to treat these patients for their exposure.

Many health care providers have used a colloidal silver or nano silver product for what they believe are beneficial health benefits for infections such as UTIs, decreasing bacterial loads, and other similar health concerns. There is a common belief that these products can do no harm because it will not accumulate in our tissues. These products will often cite the specific type of suspension they use to create their formulas as the reason why this form of silver is non-toxic.

Dr. Staninger states this is simply not true. She has already submitted this paper to the National Registry of Environmental Professionals and is published on

Here are a few excerpts, please read the entire article to get the full story:

“Many professionals and the public believe that colloidal silver materials will not show measurable levels of silver in biological specimens of urine and blood specimens as elemental silver. This paper addresses exposure to the internal ingestion of colloidal silver of two females and comparison values to two other females that did not ingest colloidal silver…

“Silver does not occur regularly in animals or human tissue. The major effect of excess absorption of silver is local or generalized impregnation of the tissues where it remains, as silver sulfide, which forms an insoluble complex in elastic fibers, resulting in argyria. Silver can be absorbed from the lungs and gastrointestinal tract. Complexes with serum albumin accumulated in the liver, from which a fractional amount is excreted. Intravenous injection produces accumulation in the spleen, liver, bone marrow, lungs, muscle, and skin. The major route of excretion is via the gastrointestinal tract. Urinary excretion has not been reported in some cases…

“Large oral doses of silver nitrate cause severe gastrointestinal irritation owing to its caustic action. Lesions of the kidneys and lungs and the possibility of arteriosclerosis have been attributed to both industrial and medical exposures. Large doses of colloidal silver administered intravenously to experimental animals produced death due to pulmonary edema and congestion. Hemolysis and resulting bone marrow hyperplasia have been reported. Chronic bronchitis has also been reported in results from medicinal use of colloidal silver.”

The issue she has reported is not just for individuals that suffer from the mysterious skin disease most popularly known as Morgellons. Contrary to popular belief within the alternative medical community, the tests published in her work disclose the fact that these silver remedies DO bio-accumulate in our tissues.

Generally speaking, the choice between using an antibiotic or using a Colloidal Silver product will still have me favor the silver products; but as Dr. Staninger has cautioned, follow the dosing from the manufacturer’s label and do not use for more than 10 days.

However, if you suspect exposure to the Advanced Nano Materials, aka Morgellons; then taking any silver supplement can cause intermediary reactions as reported in Dr. Staninger’s paper. This is a product that can have serious side effects no matter what the marketers want you to believe.

The Team at the Fountain of Wellness wishes you a very happy and healthy day.

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