Morgellons, and Scabies, and Super Bugs, Oh My!

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Lately I  have had a lot of conversations and questions directed to the Fountain of  Wellness about the growing affliction of what has so many names, symptoms, and potential points of contact and not enough true understanding. Much like the ever growing epidemic of Lyme, we have another even weirder condition on the rise most often called Morgellons.

Any time our physical health is challenged, it is often scary enough to make even the bravest man grovel at his doctors feet for the solution. Unfortunately, when you add the unknown factor of  ‘what the !*&# is going on’ and so few trustworthy sources, the fear factor goes quantum.

As Lyme disease has been nicknamed the great imposter because it displays so many different symptoms this makes diagnosis super difficult for many doctors; now we have the unexplained dermopathy label being tossed onto a fast growing affliction that the CDC still has no updates to report. As far as they are concerned, this is still a completely unknown condition even though they the apparently launched an investigation back in Jan 08.

A few days ago, I was speaking with Dr. Hildy and she reminded me that her early career began at OSHA, Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Her training background came from studying the effects of bio and chemical hazards within the work space. Lucky for us, she came out of the government sector and is now a guardian angel dedicated to making our ‘earth space’ safe.

In her years of researching Morgellons, there is not much about it that is still ‘unexplained’. Thank god, for this gives us a leg up on that fear factor problem. Remember that our state of health is as sophisticated a formula as we are as a living organism.

The mind is a powerful tool. It can be our greatest ally or our greatest enemy.

Please stop feeding the fear. The internet is so full of stories, yes they are tragic, but I always ask myself when I am reading on another site…is this helpful or is this message rooted in so much pain and fear that this is really all it has to offer me?

The fact that the CDC and the AMA have no official protocols for main stream doctors to carry out treatments, and there is so little mainstream media coverage- is adding to the growing hysteria. But we do not have to buy into this hysteria.  This is a classic case of the wizard trying to distract with smoke and booming voice so you don’t actually pull the curtain back and discover the ordinary old man behind the scenes. Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical companies are lining their pockets as they develop another ‘fear control’ vaccine and the insurance companies have all kinds of wiggle room so they don’t have to pay out for treatments. How can you treat what is unexplained let alone get coverage for it?…I know, let’s take a vaccine instead that is loaded with toxins like formaldehyde, various mercury agents, and supposedly ‘disarmed’ pathogens that are genetically modified for our benefit- HUH? Does anyone else ask, WTFV? What The F**k, Vern?

This post is an appeal to take a moment and breathe. Education is the real key to our health.

Are we so conditioned by the wizard that we believe he is the only one that has a valid answer and we should do everything he says? YES, we do.

Are we so obsessed with our mortality that we forget to live NOW? YES, we do.

This is what is most debilitating to our individual and global and long range health goals.

We’ve got solutions, this is not unexplainable or untreatable.

It was just over 6 months ago that I didn’t hug my kids for over 3 months, they didn’t go to school for fear of passing ‘the bug’, my skin was crawling all the time and it was worse from 2-4am every single night, everything I touched was contaminated and immediately sent to the laundry quarantine to be disinfected, and then we found Dr. Hildy.

Some days I can hardly remember this was once my daily reality. Thank you Dr. Hildy and your team. The future is bright again.


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