Morgellons Is Still A Mystery To The CDC

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Apparently there is a war going on…it is war to determine who will own the rights to the “nano bank”. The nano bank is the ‘player’ or group of players that will hold the patents for nanotechnology and nano advanced materials – this is just like the preceding years of positioning, lobbying, and funding that went on to determine who would be the big players in the stem cell research business.

We already know that both biotechnology and nanotechnology are the ‘gold nugget’ investment opportunities for the 21st century. This, and the distribution of clean water will be some of the best money making ventures around. Which also means it will carry some very big clout- and there’s no stretch of the imagination in recognizing that money and power go hand in hand.

Ugh, I sound like a conspiracy theorist…but after having watched the Matrix trilogy again, I must bow to the Wachowski brothers for their genius. To me it is more like, pulling back the curtain on the wizard and exposing…what is real and what is the Matrix.

The Matrix was designed to keep us believing in a system that was built to use us, built for their own selfish needs at our expense. Have they created the problem in order to sell us the solution?

We have been tracking both the CDC reports on Morgellons and Dr. Staninger for updates on this mysterious skin condition ever since our own personal contact with this ‘unexplained dermopathy’ and what the outer fringe networks refer to as, ‘super scabies, body bugs, GMO agrobacterium…’. All this comes into play on understanding disease from a toxicological point of view.

To date, there are 60,000 reported cases of Morgellons in the US, 100,000 globally. And the projection is that it grows by 1000 a day. What this also means is that there is an undisclosed number of folks suffering without the diagnosis.

Believe me, there were moments when I thought I was crazy and understood why the medical association coined the phrase, delusional parasitosis. One of my doctors at the time, a naturopath, was convinced that I was not dealing with a scabies bug. And in a brief moment of levity, he admitted that he had begun to ‘feel’ itchy all over as he sat talking me.

During this time, my skin was so sensitive that I had turned to wearing mostly silk fabrics and often wore things inside out because the seams would irritate me beyond tolerating.

What Dr. Staninger has personally discussed with me is that the reason the CDC is not publicly recognizing this issue is because the “nano bank” is still being battled over. Who gets to copyright and patent the top nanotechnologies has not yet been negotiated and until it is settled- we get to suffer.

Well, not really.
Be sure you catch the part in the above mentioned, latest research paper from Dr. Staninger about the use of FIR therapy.

It is the number one recommendation for the ‘therapy treatment’ within her protocol.
You can go to to learn more about far infrared therapy.

The solution is here…there is no spoon when you know the truth!
Ramona and the Fountain of Wellness Team.

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