Raw Vs Pasteurized Dairy Battles In LA Courts

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Mike Adams released an update on the continuing story of the Rawesome Food Raid in Venice CA.

This issue just makes me sad beyond words and it has taken me several days to write this post.

It also makes my first and most important job as a mother, extremely difficult to fulfill properly – that of keeping my children out of harms way and educating them on the multitude of health hazards ever present in our world.

Even if we are battling Brain Fog in the head, we can still see this is ridiculous. If it were true that raw food is dangerous to our health and we should not eat it, then how the hell did we get to the 21st Century time frame as a species? I honestly want to know because if this is true, we would all be dead already!

What makes me so mad is that my government is spending Millions of dollars to try and prove Raw food is dangerous and make criminals out of anyone associated with it.

At the EXACT same time, my government does not hold the industrialized food network and big agri industry responsible for the health implications tied to pesticides, artificial sweeteners, neuro toxic glutamates, etc that are allowed in our grocery stores and restaurants.

Cancer, diabetes, juvenile diabetes, heart disease, digestive disorders, auto immune disorders, chronic fatigue, skin disorders, brain fog, and a general lack of vitality is growing across the board for every single American…all of these health issues are dramatically increasing every single year.

Our government has one thing right, our food is killing us. They are unfortunately pointing the finger at the wrong farmer and food supply chain.

I had the opportunity to meet James Stewart, the owner of Rawesome Food, while meeting with the ANU mineral water formulators who are very close friends to him. He showed me around the Rawesome market – it was a members only farmers market where I was introduced to many foods I had no idea were available. He worked hard to provide Real food to folks like myself that know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the American fast/processed food industry is our #1 Health Hazard!

If our government system is willing to lock these folks up, it affects all of us. Every shopping member of the Rawesome market signed a release form stating “I am fully responsible and capable of making food shopping decisions for myself and choose to purchase raw foods.”… and the state of CA is saying, no I am not!

This is tyranny in action and it will not stop here if they succeed. It will affect us all, every single American is under attack. Please don’t wait until it is an issue that you care about to stand up and add your support. This is a pivotal moment and YOUR freedom is at risk as well.

Mike Adams from the Natural News network created a colorful infograph that weighs the pros and cons between raw dairy and our conventional dairy products found on most neighborhood grocery shelves.

Pass this on and support our need for deep change, deep change that will help increase our health and vitality!

Have a great day,

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