The Connection Between Toxins And Disease

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sunsetThe Fountain of Wellness has a newsletter dedicated to reporting all the factors that play on our ability to live healthy lives as well as teaching the principles and natural solutions available for us today.

Here is an excerpt from one of our newsletters titled, “How To Stay Healthy By Understanding Toxins

This report is an in depth case study of the correlation between disease, disease prevention, and our exposure to various environmental toxins. This array of nano materials and biotechnologies include food based nanotechnology that sits under the term GMO, Genetically Modified Organisms.

We, at the Fountain of Wellness, have always believed that nutrition is one of the single greatest allies to a healthy immune system. Literally, food is medicine, but many of us have forgotten this truth and additively indulge ourselves with food as entertainment.

It is time to look straight at what you are feeding your family because it may very well be killing you.

There are so many poisons and chemicals building up in our environment that we can not control, so we must take charge of the ones we can.

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Discover Ramona's Health Secret

Ramona explains that in order for any pathogen to take over an organism, they need to come to power. Basically a foreign invader will evolve over time into more sophisticated states eventually leading to opportunistic virulent forms we know as diseases.

We Can't Call It "Medicine" But . . .

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