The Lyme Lie

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I had heard about this documentary last year, and it has come back across my desk. You would think that everything that needs to said about Lyme disease has already been said but this is just not the case. It is very important that we continue educating people about the facts and mis-facts. It is possible that this is the greatest infectious disease of our time.

This 5 minute trailer captures the emotion and reality for those of us who have been diagnosed and then told we have to live with Lyme for the rest of our lives. These cases have extreme Lyme symptoms for many reasons, but the most common is because they were not diagnosed soon enough.

As I sit here today writing this post, I remember how awful I felt in those early months. Slammed up side the head with migraines and crippled by arthritis. I had gone from super healthy and active – playing and gardening everyday, to unable to lift my arms more than a 45 degree angle from my side.

This happened quickly for me. The first month I went to the emergency room for antibiotics because of a strange reaction to a bite of some kind. (No tick). One month later, I woke up with a stiff knee where that bite site had been and in less than a week I had the severe arthritic symptoms.

I am fortunate because I had friends with Lyme and they knew exactly what it was, since I had no idea. I had to demand a test from my clinic.

I am fortunate because I was not bitten by a tick, but rather a deer fly, and would never had made this connection otherwise.

I am fortunate because I knew Toni Wright. She had just confirmed for herself, after battling with what appeared to be Lupus for more than 10 years, that she had Lyme.

I am fortunate because I started on the Cat’s Claw treatment and it worked miraculously to manage my severe symptoms. I did not have to do the antibiotics.

I am fortunate because it is one year ago that I met Dr. Staninger. I finished her detox protocols in June 09 and I have been Lyme symptom free ever since.

Today, I am waiting to see if there is any signature of Lyme left in my system with a test I just did. I don’t feel it there at all, and it was four years ago that I was told I would live it with for the rest of my life…managing the recurring episodes 3-4 times a year.

Today, I was at a podiatrist office getting a plantar wart cut out and the Dr’s. assistant had no idea what Lyme disease was.

I was shocked that there are still folks that do not know about this very nasty disease.
Please educate yourself about it if you are not. It can save you, or someone you know, from living the rest of their life in a wheelchair or with severe neurological damage.

I did not say this just to hype it, I said it because it is true.

Had I not had friends who recognized my early signs, I would have completely missed that I had contracted Lyme. Most likely, my doctor would have too.

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Be well by being educated!
Ramona and The Fountain of Wellness Team

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