Are These Signs of 2012 Knocking On Our Door?

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What does it all mean…
Several big earthquakes, oil rigs exploding, volcanoes erupting, and the latest…

The Nashville region is flooded…now being categorized as 1000 year flood! Not sure how that is measured but we can report through one of our team members who is living outside the Nashville area, the scary part is over. But now for the hard part – recovery. Many friends are digging out the river mud from their homes and just now starting to really feel the exhaustion due to lack of sleep and emotional shock.

How quickly they recover will be greatly accelerated by the community efforts of all the neighbors, of their ‘tribe’. Funny how Mother Nature can so quickly yank the rug out and ask…

Are you prepared, how long can you survive without your grocer’s food source and clean water?

What if there are some small medical needs to attend to, never mind the big ones…let’s just ask, can you properly dress a wound to keep it from getting infected?

In a country that has become so dependent on technology and convenience; things like the simple flip of a light switch or immediately available hot running water or take out delivery for our meals – I think most of us would be very hard pressed (this is a nice way to say it) to find their daily routine interrupted by a hurricane, tornado, flood or fire. They will be more than “up a creek without a paddle”. My mother adds a more expressive word in there to take the place of ‘a’. She herself has sat through several nasty hurricanes in the Gulf area of Florida, including a direct hit from Ivan. She too witnessed first hand what it is like to sit helpless in during the beautiful fury unleashed by of the forces of Nature, and then re-build for weeks and months in the aftermath and debris.

So to end this post I have 2 last things to share…this website:

and this cartoon:


Be prepared and be prepared to let it all go and laugh,
The Fountain of Wellness Team

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