Bail Out Big Oil, BP?

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No way, this is unbelievable, unthinkable, and 100% corrupt.

Sometimes I wonder if this is a just a viral hoax when an insanely unacceptable story like this gets circulated. Unfortunately, this kind of thinking that ‘this can’t possibly be true’ is exactly how a grave mistake like this occurs in the first place. As I reported in the first weeks of this spill; back in 2007, a study by three U.S. Minerals Management Service officials found that cementing was a factor in 18 of 39 well blowouts in the Gulf of Mexico over a 14-year period. That was the single largest factor, ahead of equipment failure and pipe failure for causing this disaster.

The powers that be have been fully aware of these numbers for over 3 years, this very cementing company caused the exact same accident off the beautiful shores of Australia last fall.

Catching up to the latest news is the fact that the number of guesstimated gallons flowing as determined by BP of 5000 gallons is way under the calculations of independent scientists. Their new estimates calculate that range as high as 20 times the spill rate BP and the federal government have been using.

Watch this video of weatherman’s report a few days ago:

Pass this on, please…it is more and more obvious that we must let our government know we will not bail out ANY big business mistakes any longer.

Last fall, it was the banks…now the oil company. Let me ask you this, are the banks cutting any of us this kind of break when we can’t pay our mortgages or credit card debts? How about the Tax-man, will he bail out the individual tax payers who are now potentially responsible for two-thirds of the cost to clean up this calamity?
Click here to add your voice of NO to the bail out of BP!

Miami is my home town, next week I am going home to visit. It may be the last time for decades that we get to play on white sand…this is unf***ing believable!

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