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It is time to sit quietly and listen…listen up. We haven’t much time to do something about our global health condition. We haven’t much time to do something about our individual health condition.

Take a moment and consider the eco-system of a rain forest and the biological system of the human body. One is defined as a system formed by the interaction of a community of organisms with their environment and the other is a group of organs that work together to perform a certain task.

Put these two statements together and listen to their truth and simplicity; ‘interaction of a community that work together to perform a certain task’.

It is time to work together. It is time to remember the interconnectedness of all life.
Not one sentient being is extraneous; we were all born from the same mother, Earth.
This is true not because some godlike deity has deemed it so, this is true because this is the way life systems work. We no longer have time to be distracted by the arguments from either a theological point of view or from an evolutionary one.

There are some hard truths that must be faced soon, if we are to have any kind of quality lifestyle, let alone healthy lifestyle, in the 21 Century.

David Orr, chair of the environmental studies program at Oberlin College stated this year,
“As we destroy nature, we will be destroyed in the process.”
We are committing suicide.

We have completely numbed our senses and sensibilities as we sit in front of the television being imprinted by the 500 Billion dollars of advertising spent every year. Advertising that tells us to buy a pill to help us through that in-digestible meal we just ate at a fast food restaurant. Advertising has led us to believe we must compensate for our out of touch, out of balance life style by rushing to work so we can go shopping and be constantly ‘consuming’. Buy now, pay later…but the price is more than we bargained for.

We Americans have become consumers and waste producers that has redefined the term gluttony.
We spend more money maintaining our lawns than India collects in its federal tax revenues.

During the industrial age, we began exploiting natural resources in order to take control of our survival. Seemed like a good idea at the time, however; today for every truck load of finished product created, 32 truck loads of waste are produced. Today, the industrial system is a waste making system and greatly out of proportion.

But what does this mean to you?
All of this over consumption and waste directly relates to our personal state of health:
     Increase in asthma
     Increase in aging factors
     Increase in cancer
     Increase in chronic degenerative diseases
     An epidemic of prostate cancer, childhood Diabetes, Autism, ADHD, Parkinson’s, Chronic fatigue, and Alzheimer’s

Eco systems provide the basis for all life. Every living system is in decline. The environmental movement is the fastest growing movement today. Environmentalism must become a part of our laws, we can make a change.

Each of us can contribute to our future health…how? Think of your dollar as the way you vote from now on. This is not a fad. The scientists are not arguing about the devastating changes of global warming- they pretty much all agree it will be catastrophic. The argument comes from politicians and business men with agendas.

If we begin mobilizing the technologies that are already ‘on the shelf, ready to use’ we can reduce our carbon foot print by about 90%.
This isn’t a technical issue- we know how- this is a leadership issue.

Be a responsible consumer and think of where you buy and who you buy from. Fair trade does exist where both parties benefit from the relationship. You can find it in your local area, here are some resources we found from simple google searches:

A truly sustainable model is one where no one loses their life or their health, aka fair trade. In our current model of consumerism this is not the case.

Innovation and education are in-exhaustible resources. We have this resource, now is the time to use it.

It really is time to be part of the solution because your health will depend on it!

Live an inspired life,
Ramona and the Fountain of Wellness

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