Can We Thrive And Not Just Survive?

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I’ve just watched the movie, “Thrive” and will watch it again tonight.

Our hat is off to Foster Gamble and Kimberly Carter Gamble  (of Proctor and Gamble) for investing their money into a message that is meant for the masses…meaning you and me…rather than investing in how to make more money off the masses…meaning you and me.

What is the main message in order for Thriving to occur? We need to WAKE UP!

Why do we need to wake up?

Because if we don’t, we will continue to lose even more precious Global resources for just a few to make profits, we will lose more natural rights for living a prosperous, vital life, and we will continue being boxed further into debt and unhealthy conditions while an elite few gain more possessions and wealth.

If we don’t wake up right now – domination, power and control of Our masses (that means you and me again) will further lock us onto a hamster wheel of mediocrity and passionless existence.

But “Thrive” isn’t another doomsday plot. Thank God! It is a cold slap that says “Guess what? This is happening and you Can Do something about it, but first you got to pay attention.

The creative force and money behind “Thrive” delivers well documented research for the many issues plaguing us today:

  • Financial
  •  Health care
  • Green Energy
  • GMO foods
  • Chemtrails

They have named the top dominating companies behind our issues so we can more easily make informed consumer decisions.

1 in 7 people on earth are hungry right now! Monsanto and GMO sterile seeds are not the answer to feeding the world.

Only 5 corporations hold the majority of our lives ‘daily needs’ in their control: food, water, land, energy, medicine.

Companies like the Rockerfeller Foundation, control our education system (including our medical universities) and actively work to suppress alternative treatments and green energy strategies.

But again, this isn’t just another doomsday movie because they spend a great deal of time and research to report Solutions to the poor conditions most humans find themselves in today.

There are hundreds of countries and peoples declaring a GMO-free zone, saying No to GMO foods.

How did they do it?
One way is to stop supporting these companies and go LOCAL. Start with local farming and local banking.

Want to learn more actionable steps to take?

We recommend you learn more facts on Geo-engineering, Chemtrails, and Weather Modification as well as Genetically Modified Foods.

Then you’ve got to ask yourself… of late – are you and your family getting healthier and more financially secure?

Or are you finding it increasingly harder to create a meaningful and enriched life to share with loved ones?

We say, This Simply Need Not Be. We say, It is entirely possible for all life to live harmoniously and live to our fullest joy, without sacrificing ANYTHING.

Thank you to the Gamble’s and all who are coming together and creating a better life for our entire Global Population of species.

Check it out for yourself and be pleasantly surprised at the alternatives.

The Fountain Of Wellness Team



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