Environmental Health Disaster Targets Gulf Coast Again

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As you well know, on April 20 disaster struck in the Gulf of Mexico when the off-shore oil rig belonging to the BP Oil company exploded.oilspill4-20

This news, including the loss of crew members, is certainly devastating; but now for the really bad part
It is 10 days later, and the crude oil continues to gush at an estimated 25000 barrels (updated 5/1/10) a day. So far, any and all efforts to seal off the holes on the bottom of the ocean floor have completely failed.

Today, this disaster is already much worse than the Exxon Valdez in Alaska and is about to cause irreparable damage to the sensitive ecosystem of the wetlands all along the gulf coast of several states.


And now for the really messed up news

It appears that a questionable strategy called cementing was employed to plug the holes and spaces between the pipe and newly drilled hole on the ocean floor.

Back in 2007, a study by three U.S. Minerals Management Service officials found that cementing was a factor in 18 of 39 well blowouts in the Gulf of Mexico over a 14-year period. That was the single largest factor, ahead of equipment failure and pipe failure.

Halliburton Co. are the contractors that poured the cement on the Deepwater Horizon rig…Halliburton was also the cementer on a well that suffered a big blowout last August off the coast of Australia. That rig caught fire and a well leaked tens of thousands of barrels of oil over 10 weeks before it was shut down. That investigation is still ongoing and apparently the officials at Halliburton have declined to comment on it.

Herein lies one more scenario where the greed of industry destroys the beauty of life.

What does it take to stop the madness? 1/3 of our fish products come from this region. (Not that you would catch me eating this fish before this incident. I grew up along these gulf shores and know the level of pollution that exists already, but that’s another tangent).

What are the long term toxicological implications of this on the entire food chain, for all creatures concerned?

When I relax out of the rage and anger I am feeling, I can not express the deep sadness that sticks hard in my throat.

Mother Nature weeps at the insanity of humankind.

“Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal.” Albert Einstein

Ramona and the Fountain of Wellness Team
Pictures are from MSNBC news.

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