Environmental Health Joins Spiritual Health To Celebrate 2010

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Today is a beautiful day, and the last day of 2009. Personally, this makes me say, thank god!

I think everyone agrees that we are happy to say goodbye to 2009, which apparently had several numerological interpretations. As the digits 29, this was a year of tests. Therefore, every opportunity that arose was a chance for us to learn love and forgiveness. To remember that all that occurs in this reality is for our evolution and good; ALL OF IT, is a very valuable mindset.

As a prediction, the number 11 (a master number after reducing 29 which you do not reduce further to a single digit) in the position of 2009 means that mankind would be forced to learn and grow about the true meaning of what it is to be human and part of a universal collective of people. Our global awareness has heightened to a very acute pitch as this year’s documentaries addressing our environmental health were released: Home, Flow, Food Inc, 11th Hour…all of these are must see educational films that I believe clearly discuss the fact that we are in a global crisis. Fresh water is a limited resource that everyone is facing and over 80% of its consumption worldwide is industrial, 70% agriculture and 10% manufacturing. That leaves the individual global inhabitants 20% to drink…that’s a disconcerting math equation because industry is not returning that water after it is used to a drinkable, usable state for anyone. It is laden with toxins and chemicals and animal waste. It is unfit for consumption.

A few days ago, someone said to me, they have measured the weather readings over this last few years and nothing indicates that there is global warming. To that I said, then will you go let the polar ice caps know this because they are melting and that too is being scientifically measured.

2009 was the year that said to me…time to stop being armchair warriors that waste time arguing and discussing and DO something, anything other than just talking about it. (Okay, so yes, I’m talking about it right here AND this year I actively boycotted Walmart, Arrowhead water, and all package food products and after watching Food Inc. and next week I am creating a directory for consumers to find local farmers to purchase ‘real food’ from.)

So here comes 2010 and what does it say?
2010 is called a 3 Universal Year (the third in the 2008-2017 cycle). However, the numerologists predict that this year’s greatest obstacles are represented by the number 1 and one of the areas most challenged will be leadership. From global, to countries, to individuals this year we must find our integrity and stand with those who choose to follow a more 3-style path — one with a greater focus on enlightenment than fear, love over hate — and within this the experience throughout 2010 can be almost euphoric.

Please check out this great talk from Barry Schwartz in our Spiritual Health section where he speaks of practical wisdom and the need for this in our leaders.

Tonight the Moon is full and how appropriate to go outside and HOWWLLL goodbye to 2009 and welcome to 2010.

Whew. I take all of this to mean that 2010 will be the beginning of something wonderful. That each of us has the choice in every situation to be ready with a welcoming mind or shut down with fear and doubt.

Be sure you release those un-healthy, un-productive, negative thoughts and ideas of yourself, of others, and this life. Take your vision up and look straight at the changes that are coming and healing that is occurring.

Embrace yourself, your loved ones, and 2010 because shift happens whether we like it or not.

Here we go!!!
The Team at the Fountain of Wellness

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