Nuclear Disaster in Japan CNN Update May 24

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CNN’s John King interviews Arnie Gundersen about the Hot Particles discovered in Japan and the US. from Fairewinds Associates on Vimeo.

It is very important to keep this environmental disaster circulating and at the top of the news and media channels.

We can not forget; the gravity of this event will have far reaching effects on our global and personal health concerns for years to come.

Please pass this on, even if you have seen it before, we believe through a unified voice we can finally make the significant changes necessary to protect ALL LIFE and implement an honest /unbiased regulatory system that is not influenced by the lobbyists and industry leaders able to persuade and control governments with money.

This is a multifaceted current issue and one that our team raises our voices to and say, “Wake Up!”…we must pay attention.

So please share this with your loved ones and network of friends.

May you live an inspired life.
The Fountain of Wellness Team

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