Say No to GMO, Monsanto, and Obama!

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As I have mentioned before, Food Inc, is a must see documentary on the industrialized handling of our food industry. Not just fast food restaurants, but the food we have available to us in our corner grocery store. It distresses me to watch us be slowly boiled in a pot…unaware of the hazardous chemical toxins used in our foods. On top of this harsh reality is the fact that the FDA, USDA, and other gov. agencies allow these ingredients to come on the market AND then sign off on it being labeled as ‘food’. It is a huge ‘sham’ but more importantly, it directly affects our health.

Our food is making us sick and the government agencies that are supposed to protect us are allowing it to happen. UGH! I sound like a conspiracy theorist and the quote that comes to mind is…just because I am paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after me…grin.

Check for yourself, PLEASE.

Join OCA’s campaign to mobilize one million consumers to end Monsanto’s global corporate terrorism at

Here’s some more news…

Obama Appoints Monsanto Man as FDA Food Safety Czar…

In 1994, Michael Taylor went to the U.S. Agriculture Department to run its food-safety program. He required meat and poultry producers to take measures to prevent bacterial contamination, despite strong opposition from those industries. Observers expect Taylor to impose those same kinds of preventive controls on all the foods regulated by the FDA.

“He is the quintessential revolving door,” said Marion Nestle, a professor of nutrition, food studies and public health at New York University. Taylor’s support for BGH and Monsanto’s other genetically modified products at the FDA was “questionable,” she said. “On the other hand, when he went to USDA, what he did there was absolutely heroic. He’s been very strong on food safety.”

This questionable incident that Ms. Nestle is referring to happened in 1991, when Taylor was deputy commissioner for policy, the FDA approved Monsanto’s bovine growth hormone, and Taylor was partly responsible for a controversial policy that said milk from BGH-treated cows did not have to be labeled as such.

After the USDA, Taylor went to work for Monsanto as a vice president for public policy…How can these statements be reconciled? Please, help me out here…we better get our butt going on educating ourselves about what we are eating!

One Mom has been on a campaign for over 9 years to raise the awareness of how hazardous our meat industry really is…

On August 11, 2001, (this is after Taylor’s tour of duty on food safety for meat and poultry) Barbara Kowalcyk’s 2 year old boy died after eating meat that was contaminated with E Coli. First the family filed a lawsuit against the companies accountable, they were unsuccessful, so in 2003 they turned their energy toward passing ‘Kevin’s Law’ in congress. It has stalled and to date they are still pushing for support to pass this law.

This is truly inconceivable! How can we possibly say this country is doing the right thing for its citizens?

I am NOT anti-American…I am 100% American- the kind of free thinking individual that helped found this country in the first place.

These are not facts or discussions that are happening in just one arena. If you are willing to do some research of your own, you too will begin to see a picture that smells rotten, or are we smelling the chronic illnesses that are multiplying at alarming rates across all the demographic populations of this once great nation? I saw a billboard the other day that stated that every 20 minutes a child is diagnosed with Autism.
If this is not an indication that we are in toxic times, then I guess I am just being an alarmist. cough cough.

To close, please check out this site…

Through them, I found a small local organic farmer in my area that I purchase real food from.
The way food is supposed to be raised – in healthy soil, seeing the light of day, and being fed the food it likes to eat rather than trying to adjust to un-natural feeds and environments and needing antibiotics or toxic pesticides because otherwise it can not grow as anything but sickly.

Once you taste what a garden tomato (picked fresh, not just labeled as such) tastes like again, I promise you will not want to eat those plastic ones from the grocery store that are genetically modified. They have literally forgotten they are a tomato!

That’s my plug for wellness today!
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