Teaching Kids Green Energy With Far Infrared Technology

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Teaching Kids Green Energy With Far Infrared Technology

Ramona Melvin from the Healing GrapeVine curates the news on how the First Class Nursery School in Livingston, Scotland, is not only dedicated to teaching their kids about becoming "Green Ambassadors", the Far Infrared Heat is increasing health benefits as well.

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Scottish Nursery school manager Annette Irving said: “While we anticipate the new system is likely to halve our heating bills, it is not just a way of cutting costs. As a business we believe it is particularly important to do our part for the environment, particularly as we clearly have the next generation very much in our thoughts.
Scottish nursery staff encourage children to become ‘green ambassadors’Date of article: 09-May-13 Article By: Laura McCardle, News Editor Staff at a Scottish nursery are encouraging children to be more aware …
Aside from the school lowering their carbon footprint by using Far Infrared as a heat source, the attending children are experiencing some added health benefits!

One parent states, “My youngest son, Rowen, suffers from eczema and I have certainly noticed a difference in that his skin is less irritated as the air is so much cleaner now.

This is no surprise to Ramona and the team at the Healing GrapeVine Network, who’ve been researching specific health benefits that are associated with using Far Infrared Therapy as a safe and very effective way to Recover Health and Vitality.
Evidence That Far Infrared Can Heal The SkinAccording to research done in China, they discovered by exposing a wound to Far Infrared, it increased the speed time of healing. In a se…
The health benefits like improved Cardio and Immune Health, Pain Relief, and reducing the Recovery Time for healing wounds are just a few of the reasons the team at the Healing GrapeVine is so passionate about using Far Infrared Therapy.
How Does Far Infrared Really Work?healinggrapevine
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