2012 Closer To The Last Wave

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For those who are curious…2012 is just one last ‘wave’ away from the full experience that scientists and researchers, spiritual seekers and believers, and even skeptics are talking about with increased frequency.

Carl Johan Calleman is a Swedish scientist that has dedicated many years into uncovering and understanding what the Mayan calendar prophecy is really trying to reveal to us.

He speaks without the ‘new age’ fairy-ness and yet he speaks of the guidance available for all of us to facilitate, restore and correct the issues we face…challenges like the environmental and health crisis.

I really like the idea of finding your “Self” because you were never really lost.

To be able to naturally contact the alternative realities, the higher self, and the dimensions of experience that many seekers use mind altering, psychoactive drug substances like mushrooms and LSD to achieve.

We are not confined by anything but our own limited thoughts, so who’s ready for 2012?

I am!
Ramona and the Fountain of Wellness Team

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