Big Pharma’s Bold-Faced Lies…

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We just can’t even begin to keep up with the prolific and super valuable information that Dr. Mercola puts out in his newsletters.

Here is a tidbit of the latest headline from his most recent newsletter:
Big Pharma’s Bold-Faced Lies that can Destroy Your Health and Wealth in 2010

An excerpt from that article:

Not surprisingly, based on Dr. Golomb’s investigations into statin drug studies, ALL of the large randomized control trials of statin drugs have been funded by drug companies. And when you consider that the pharmaceutical industry makes about half a trillion dollars annually, it’s easy to see how statin drug research may have been clouded by conflict of interest.

So why is there not more independent research being done?

“It’s very expensive to do those studies,” Golomb explains. “The only other source of funding for reasonable sized studies is the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

We approached the NIH to conduct a study to see whether coenzyme Q10 might mitigate muscle side effects of statins, and we were told by NIH officers that they wouldn’t even consider to do the study unless we ask the drug company to supply the statin…

So I contacted the NIH and I said, “I’m really trying to have a career free of drug company conflict of interest, would it be such a problem to have one study that doesn’t have a drug company involved in it?”

And they said, somewhat reasonably, that their interest is in leveraging their funding and therefore, no, they would not consider an application unless we asked the drug company to supply the drug, which of course already set some level of conflict of interest.”

So, unfortunately, the need of the government to leverage their investment has the unfortunate side effect of also producing ties to industry. Clearly, a pharmaceutical company is not going to jump at the chance to give their drug to an independent researcher who may find that the drug has significant problems.

If they voluntarily supply the drug, they’re naturally going to want to have a say in what results are published at the end.

Please go join his newsletter, it is by far one of the best and self empowering things you can do for your health.
Thank you for all your efforts, Dr. Mercola.
The Fountain of Wellness Team

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