The FDA is Behaving As A Criminal

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If you agree with this blog post title, then join the push to do something about it.

Some good friends of mine are part of the recent raw food raid that occurred in Venice Bch CA at the Rawesome Food Co-op.

If you read the headlines and don’t dig past the official statements by local and federal government agencies, you would believe the sale of raw milk is illegal in California but that is far from the truth.

Click here to discover all the scoops on raw dairy laws nationwide.

At the top of this deceptive web of information is the Monsanto lobbyist, Michael Taylor, who now holds court as head of the FDA’s Food Safety Dept.

In court proceedings that are going on right now, the official statement from the FDA basically says individual Americans are dim wits and unable to decide for themselves what is safe to eat…according to them, we have no right to eat the way our ancestors did, instead, we continue to be force fed industrialized food from factories far, far away from our home lands.

This has become muddy waters of twisted information…when in truth, the safest milk is fresh from the cow or goat…in fact, once milk is homogenized and pasteurized it is poisonous. PERIOD.

Do your own research, and start here, this man has extensive research on everything from milk to oils, and the good, bad, and ugly on the actual effects our industrialized food system is having on our health.

In short, we are being lied to by the very agencies that are meant to protect us.

Finally, please go add your name to the petition against Michael Taylor at Food Democracy

Yeah, I know, it doesn’t always feel like this is effective, but it’s one of those moments where it can’t hurt and we need to do something NOW.

Pass this along and start the trend back to what America once used to stand for…Freedom.

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