What is Wellness?

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What is Wellness? When do we know we have it? What does it look like; feel like?

How can we describe this intangible element? Here are a few…

Wellness is a quality of life or lifestyle that has been described as vital and healthy.
Wellness is a reality that can be actualized with education.
Wellness is that spark that children have and we all comment on- “wish I had that kind of energy!”
Wellness is energy, energy for living and sharing and laughing and loving.

You know the old saying, “Life’s too short…” well let’s look at this from a different angle: “Life’s Too Long! Life’s too long to feel badly, to crack louder than a firecracker anywhere in your joints, to grab the furniture when you first stand up, to have a bottle of pills be your life long companion. Add your own to the list.

The point is life ticks through space and time carrying us through our stories of family and friends and All of us want to feel our best doing so.

Make no bones about it; Wellness Education is the best road to a lifestyle of wellness.

So how is it possible to answer the questions above with out first knowing a few things?
What is it that you want to do in your life? How are you going to do that?

It’s much like any business plan.
1. You need to have a vision and mission statement.
2. Create a business plan with actionable steps to achieve your mission.
3. Set timelines with milestone dates of completion or accomplishment.
4. Write these down and set goals that will realistically help you meet them.
5. Recognize your steps and achievements along the way.
6. Celebrate NOW!
7. Always remember to say Thank You.
8. Learn something new everyday, stay mentally stimulated for that mind-body connection.

Get passionate about how to access that fountain of wellness within you because it is the key NOT to Longevity (that is a debate that will have to wait for another time) but to Quality of life we are looking for. The key to look and feel better, to look and feel your best.

This is not a measure of perfection and certainly not a measure between any two people.
Now is the time for Wellness to be revealed. Now is the time for Wellness Knowledge.
Now is the time for your Fountain of Wellness to flow.

Have an awesome day!!!


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