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If you are an average American that shops in large grocery stores and frequents chain-brand restaurants, then your Greatest Enemy to your health is FOOD.

These days the list of documentaries addressing the major health issues arising from eating processed foods is quite lengthy – this only scratches at the list… just pick one and begin your fact finding journey that will empower you to positively increase your health and vitality.

  • Fast Food Nation
  • Super Size Me (one of my favorites)
  • The Real Dirt On Farmer John
  • King Corn
  • Forks Over Knives
  • Food Inc
  • Food Matters
  • The Future Of Food
  • Blue Gold
  • This last one is about our water resource and one of the most important films regarding the business agenda of supplying Joe Public, you and I, with what should be our human right to access, but not any longer.

    This chart says it all, the American diet is killing us!

    The most important thing to understand is – Everything we do affects our health, either positively or negatively.

    Knowing what are the greatest offenses against our health is key. For most situations, you can use a sliding scale to help balance the ‘environment’ of your Bio-terrain.

    1. For example, if you drink alcohol and/or soda daily, then remember you must Double the recommended amount of water to drink in a day.

    2. By taking a probiotic just before bed, you are providing the healthy bacteria forms needed for proper digestion…just be sure you have an empty tummy.

    3. If more than 20% of your diet is processed or fast foods, then you must exercise or use far infrared in order to flush the deep cells and keep the inorganic ingredients from sticking. (The use of ‘inorganic’ in this sentence means non-food, indigestible, artificial, modified, hydrogenated, etc.)

    More ‘healthy choice’ examples:
    Choose real sugar, real maple syrup (not Aunt Jemima!), raw honey or stevia – instead of artificial sweeteners, or corn syrup of any kind.

    Choose organic fruits and veggies as much as possible, the nutritional value is much higher (a recent study showed that in the last 10 years fruits and veggies have lost about 15% of their nutrients) PLUS you have less exposure to harmful pesticides and herbicides.

    Use coconut oil or olive oil instead of any other oil…there is a huge myth that must be addressed. Generally, we have been taught that saturated fats are bad, unsaturated fats are not.

    Truth be told…coconut oil is one oil that helps the body maintain proper thyroid function and stimulates metabolism.

    Farmers discovered back in the 50′s that they could not fatten up their animal stock if they fed them coconut oil!

    Want to gain your health back???
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    Using prescriptive medicines as a remedy for eating non-foods, broken and rancid fatty-acids, chemical toxins, and artificial foods is utter nonsense.

    It is the reason all heart related diseases, cancer forms, diabetes, chronic fatigue, and auto-immune disorders continue to increase in frequency and are occurring at younger ages.

    The simple truth.

    Now we can do something about it!
    Have a great day,
    The Fountain of Wellness Team

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