A Surprising Message of Inspiration

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Last night I treated myself to a movie.
The most I expected on this evening’s event was a few hours to lose myself in some ‘light entertainment’.

I had no idea that the documentary for Michael Jackson, called “This Is It”, would touch me so deeply.
I thought I knew already – he was an extraordinary artist, a tortured soul, and a misfit in society. Whereas these statements may be true to some degree, they are extremely shallow compared to the story that unfolded on the screen.

Several times during the movie, I was taken through an incredible range of emotions. There were very personally mine own, not manipulated but activated by the magic, art, and science Michael was living by just being himself.
He touched those around him in such a profound way. I sound like a fan, but it goes way beyond that.

I walked out of that movie remembering once again to follow my passion and heart; to be gentle with those around me and that no matter what I do – do it with EVERYTHING I can give in that moment, as if it were my last.

I doubt he was thinking this as he rehearsed for his concert series, but the fact is, these are his last moments- recorded and lovingly released for all of us to experience.

Thank you MJ for your magical moments, I am grateful they are captured on film.

I think it is so cool that a message as powerful as “Live An Inspired Life” can be found in the most surprising of places.

Have a fantastic day, as if it were…

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