How Do You Spell Relief In Haiti?

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First thing that comes to mind is u-n-i-t-y.
Unity. Through unity all things are possible, right?

I had the pleasure of a phone conversation with a lady named Betty Harmsen a few days ago. Another concerned mom like myself; asking questions about some health issues for her family and at the end of the call, we started talking about what she had been doing.

It was so very cool to hear her answer…

She has created a 501 non profit to fund getting relief supplies to a network of team members, Christian Haitian Outreach, and other local groups at their home base of operations located in a western suburb of Port-au-Prince.

This was both surprising and inspiring to me, as you can see from her picture on the website, she is a petite woman; and yet there is so much power in her ability to organize and unify with others to provide the things that for the earthquake victims of Haiti really do spell relief…

Medical supplies

A hand that has reached out to say, “here let me help”, is one of the greatest qualities we have as Humans.
Reach out today, any way you can.

Thank you,
Ramona and the Fountain of Wellness Team

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