Mystery Meat Revealed!

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In a recent post from on what is in Chicken McNuggets, hotdogs, beef jerky, and whole range of mystery meats…one of our team members had this comment to make:

“This actually PROVES everything I’ve been saying about Micky D’s for a LONG time – that EVERYTHING is made from the same goo – just colored differently (clearly the strawberry shake needs no additional coloring. YIKES!) and cooked differently so that it SEEMS like there is more than ONE THING on the menu. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA”

No kidding, I remember her saying this years ago…

As so eloquently stated in the post from vegsource, “Once the “chicken” has been processed, it has to be soaked in ammonia (to kill all the bacteria), then flavoring has to be added (because otherwise it tastes like s**t), and it has to be dyed, because people would freak out if their McNuggets were creamed-strawberry colored (the color of flesh and blood).

And then you feed it to small children. Scary!”

Washing meat in ammonia or chlorine is common practice in the meat packing industry, and so is using an additive product that is loaded with antibiotics. These are necessary strategies to “hopefully” disinfect the high levels of E-coli bacteria living in this processed food system…and this bears repeating – AND THEN YOU FEED IT TO SMALL CHILDREN, SCARY!

Read the post for yourself at and may this be one more reason to know where and what your food really is!!!

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