Self Forgiveness, Self Honesty, and Gulf Oil Spill

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I was told that at this moment there are 48,000 videos loaded on you-tube a day! WOW

That’s a lot of ideas, information, and entertainment being shared.

Here is a video that stands out in the crowd of those reporting on the BP Gulf Oil Disaster…essentially it offers a brand new idea to this great issue at hand. It reminds us that if we remember the truth- that we are powerful and in charge of our reality. If we truly know this, then we are not victims to anything. We can and must unify in moments of great catastrophe and work together to find the solution. We can not solve the upcoming event of mass toxicity and ecosystem death for the entire southeastern United States and onto the Global community by blaming others.

If we sit back as armchair spectators and distract ourselves by pointing fingers or even just give the pointing fingers our attention, we lose precious time and we lose precious resources. We can not begin to fathom the ripple effect this is going to cause to our home…planet Earth.

Over time, massive death tolls are imminent for many species, including human life. Do not kid yourself that this is not affecting you who sit thousands of miles from ground zero. Now that I have said that, my point is this: the mind is our most powerful resource and technological tool…and we must all employ it, now!

If you want peace, you do not say -’stop the war’ you say ‘make peace’. In this way you are spreading the word of an action that aligns with the desired result…peace.

Be mindful of the things you watch and say, spread the messages that bear solutions and inspire us to behave according to the responsibility we have to our home. We call ourselves the dominant species – it is time we act accordingly. That action is an individual choice, not to be given to systems that lose heart and way in times of crisis.

We designed and agreed on the current Money system as well as the Political system, the education system, ect. Upon realizing the systems are not working – crashing in on all levels, all around us…

We stand up in Agreement and Stop all current systems beginning with the current money system, and we redesign it within an equal money system where all receive equal money from birth till death so that all can provide for themselves with food and water, and we begin from this point and move ourselves forward in Self Forgiveness and Self Honesty.

May you find passion and inspiration in your day and spread your joy to everyone around you.
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