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2010 is right around the corner and health must now be defined from a revolutionary point of view. We can no longer let our current issues be answered by the established medical and government community alone. Like our fore fathers once dared, everything must be questioned.

The Fountain of Wellness is dedicated to recovering our health, our humanity, and realizing the true source of our well-being. We believe that every human being has the right and ability to walk self empowered and laugh with great joy.

This website is not for the ‘faint of heart’. This website has a simple message and we mean to be about it.

Educate, activate, participate!

The scope of information we plan to cover will encompass all the major players that determine our state of health.
Environmental, physical, mental, spiritual, social, and financial health.

We look to mother nature to show us what solutions are balanced and holistic. There are some amazing new discoveries coming from a field called ‘biomimmicry’. They are studying the way plants and animals deal with things like bacteria, heating and cooling, and water distribution. This research provides a solid foundation to create even more alternative energy resources for us.

The solutions are here and now that can repair our ecosystem. Most of them cost far less than the price we pay for our current unsustainable model.

We welcome all to join us and truly invite those who want to collaborate. The Fountain of Wellness is a public service website – the profit we hope to gain is to facilitate actionable changes that will prepare humanity for the dynamic global changes that are coming.

It is too late to discuss whether our environment is in trouble, and for that matter, it is too late to discuss whether our state of health is in trouble. The majority of the world’s population will be in a clean water crisis in a few short years. This will have a very profound affect on ALL OF US.

Please, turn off that television and begin taking a little bit of time to inventory your life. We are running at such a break neck speed in our stressed out, fast paced life that we haven’t even looked at where we are running to.
(It’s a giant garbage pile, by the way)

Some are so exhausted that it’s all they can do to make one of those fake food meals that are marketed for speed and  convenience – not for any nutritional quality.

Television is the opiate for today’s masses. The average American watches 4 hours a day! On the local level, 30% of airtime is devoted to advertising. Advertising uses neuro-linguistic tactics to imprint us with the belief that we ‘need’ their product. The more times we subject ourselves to this message, the more we believe it. This is basic psychology in practice and most of us are the guinea pig.

We already have the solutions to restoring our health and wellness. They are available if you want them and they do not come in a prescriptive pill bottle with a long  list of side effects. Do you want the natural, self empowering solution?

It starts one step at a time. It may feel scary and weird at first, but that’s just because it is different. Relax, laugh, and drink a big glass of water.

We will keep you posted!
And remember, be gentle with the Earth.

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