Visualizing Data…Mapping Money, Fear, and Beyond

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David McCandless translated data information into visual charts and presented it at the Ted Conference this past July.

He says,
…”what I love, and I’m a journalist, and what I love is finding hidden patterns; I love being a data detective. And there’s a very interesting and odd pattern hidden in this data that you can only see when you visualize it.”

Let the data set, change your mind set.

By seeing the information we are bombarded with every day, we can understand and enjoy it more.

To wrap up, David says, “It feels like we have a lot of information problems in our society at the moment; from information overload and saturation to the breakdown of trust and reliability, runaway skepticism and lack of transparency, or even just interesting-ness…So visualizing information can give us a very quick solution to those kinds of problems.”

This is so fab…take a moment and see military budgets and natural catastrophes put in a perspective that is truly relatable.

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