Awaken Your Global-Human Consciousness

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A day many have marked with special meaning:

When we pause for a moment in silence…
When we make the Declaration of Interdependence…
When we declare ourselves the Founding Family of
the New World…
When we encourage everyone we know to do the same…
We become a drop that makes countless ripples…
That Create the New World.

We could co-create a whole New World, of the people, by the people, with the planet…………Starting now.

This message is generated from a non profit group called Power of One…unfortunately it appears they’re having website issues, but I felt the desire to pass along their wisdom.

Pause a moment today and believe in the reality of A Brand New World; harmonized, joyous, peaceful within the multitude of cultures and peoples living out their lives responsible for and to each other.

Unified and wise,
The Fountain of Wellness

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