Connecting Ninth Wave and Astrological Events

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I really appreciate connecting issues I am having within my personal sphere to the larger picture of things happening in the world and beyond.

It helps me to not take it so personally, when I seem to be confronted with a series of difficulties, to scope out and discover for example…Mercury is in retrograde.

Now I don’t ‘follow’ astrology as a map the way many do, and yet it is always fascinating to me to see these ‘line-ups’ in patterns.

Here is an interview worth the time to listen, if you can relate at all to what I am saying.
This is Carol Ann Ciocco talking on BlogTalk radio with Margaret Donahue and Katina Lemay about the current trends in the Mayan calendar and astrology and how they affect our creation process.

Click here on BlogTalk Radio to link to the interview.

For me, this is all really about being able to come back to a peaceful mind, no matter what the heck is going on!

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