New Children, Indigos, Gifted, and maybe even Troubled.

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A fascinating fact is gaining interest today, ever since about 1980, children are now born with either one or two extra new genes. A study from the University of Chicago identified these as Microsephalin and ASPM and are thought to regulate brain growth; 30% of our kids show both genes within their DNA structure.

Over the last years, my two youngest were tested at school and ‘tagged’. Meaning they showed advanced skills and higher intellect; a more active brain, if you will. It is called, ‘The talented and gifted’ TAG program and I was genuinely impressed that our charter school had adopted this awareness. They are actively working with kids and families to help navigate the difficulties that can occur for our youth today – these difficulties happen in large part because of the potential for misunderstanding and oversensitivity. I know personally that my girls are extremely sensitive and they use a lot of non verbal communication both as receivers and transmitters and unfortunately most of the rest of the world has shut this aspect of communication down.

At my ‘TAG’ support group, I was given some invaluable advise with regards to discipline and boundaries. My girls are always stretching outside the box! What worked for a time out or consequence last time very rarely works again. They are hundreds of steps ahead of me, but mostly they are feeling overwhelmed and I want to do my best to support them. So here is the book that was recommended to me…

What To Do When Your Kid Is Smarter Than You.

Below are a few support groups I found. I recommend checking this out, especially if you have kids that seem to get into trouble, may be demonstrating ADHD or ADD, or say they are ‘bored’ at school.

I believe as this video states, it is very unwise to treat these ‘sensitives’ with drugs and chemical alterations. This new gene is trying to activate something; why is it that so often, when we don’t understand something – we think it is wrong or bad and then try to control it with medication? We are poisoning ourselves and our children with these reactive strategies.

Another great resource for alternative or open minded thinking is TedTV. We have a great talk from Barry Schwartz on our Spiritual Health page that addresses the issues behind institutionalized thinking.

Let’s do ourselves a big favor and get out of the box of fearful and limited thinking or at the very least get out of the way of those who already are outside!

Food for thought,
The Fountain of Wellness Team

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