Oct 28, 2011…The Mayan Calendar Ends Which Means We Begin…

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Tree of Life Celebration
Do As One
invite you to celebrate
October 28, 2011 (13 Ahau)
- the culmination of the ninth wave of unity consciousness -
by sharing breath…
as one…
with us…and others…around the world.

In celebration of this grand event and gathering,
Do As One and TLC
offer you the attached gift of
a gift to be savored in one sitting
which will add even more depth
to the purpose of gathering with us to share
one unified breath…
with intention…and with purpose.

We hope that you’ll to
take a moment on this Friday to visit Do As One
-day or night-
to share an intentional breath with others.
It is powerful and it is sacred.

We now invite you to con-spire with us
in the intention that we meet
in the moment of NOW
to know the power of conscious intention
and what we are capable of co-creating in the world.

And so it is.

Please share this event with your friends.

Gary Cook

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