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Facebook is really an extraordinary place and I understand more and more why folks are so ‘addicted’ to being ‘there’.

This is a photo that came across my news feed with some beautiful words written by Peter Nelson and I want to pass them on in the Spiritual Health dept.

The image is titled “Vibration of Love”. It is a Love Mandala created by visionary artist Cheryl Gama.

The Love Mandala “Vibration of Love” is inspired by scientific discoveries that our DNA is activated by feeling the emotion of Love for greater heart and mind expansion.

This is a couple of excerpts from Peter:
“True Love is not seen through the eyes of the body, but through the openness of our hearts. True Love is not felt with the touch of the body, but through the vibrations of the heart…

…Today, Love is awakening to the Song of the Heart. Open your heart and manifest your worthiness of Love. Bring forth your Self so that you can truly see your Self in the Love of another. To see this Love is your gift to all of creation.”

I had just been talking with a friend about her workshop she is creating on helping to unlock the secret “Language of Love” to deepen the experience of Love in our daily lives.

It struck me that much of the community attending “Tantra workshops” are in fact struggling with these aspects; honesty, trust, expectations, agendas, resources, communication, etc. and they are looking for a greater experience from a physical or kinetic place when in fact, it is as Peter has so eloquently written…

“True Love is not felt with the touch of body, but through the vibrations of the heart.”

And even though many tantra workshops promise this awareness, well, they often fall short.
What’s my point?

As always, be a discerning consumer!
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