The Quiet Rapture

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Greetings to all…and yes to all.

The last few days, my Dad’s sister has been visiting. A fascinating spirit who has walked many directions and it was great to have her share her latest adventures with my family.
She told me, on the back of my Grandparent’s Headstone it says,
For all that has been, Thank you. For all that is yet to come, Yes.
~ Dag Hammerskjold

With all that appears to be going crazy in these times, the quiet space is where I find the answers and these are a few I’d like to share…

Everything is exactly as it should be by the simple truth that it is.
There is nothing that is happening that is not for my ‘good’.
I have learned I am ‘in’ this world, but I am not bound to it.
                                                    Remember to let the world gently wash away at the end of each day.

It helps me to go through my day asking, ‘What about this is true?’ It makes a lot of things just fall away…Today I want to walk between my thoughts, in the quiet rapture of ALL.

May you live an inspired life,
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