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There is a lovely widget that shows up from the Mayan Time Capsule and here is an excerpt of today’s message:

This day is ruled by the nahual Ajmaq, which represents our connection to our ancestors and our past. Its a day for nurturing forgiveness and reconciliation, and to acknowledge our past mistakes and learn from these.

Through profound self-investigation and contemplation, we may connect with deeper layers of our being, where the true sources of wisdom are stored like jewels below the ground…

…When we let our sense of honesty be our search-light as we explore unknown or “repressed” parts of ourselves, we also claim the power to consciously manifest new realities. It is within the “shadow” aspects of ourselves that heaps of dormant reality-stuff dwell.

This reality-stuff represents all that we have been and again will become, which we yet are unable to integrate with our waking consciousness…

…We only need to ignite our desire to connect with the things we truly believe, and the rest will come by itself…

…May the expressions of these sources become the guiding posts that lead us towards our common future; a future where we only can become more like ourselves, where we stand bold and true in our full-bodied being, and thereby discover the gateway to a certain kind of oneness that knows no limits or confines.

You can find the Mayan Time Capsule on Facebook to connect with them.

Have a truly inspired day,
The Fountain of Wellness Team

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