Tree of Life Celebration…Unity Consciousness

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This is a recent ‘mission statement’ of sorts from one of the groups I follow.

Written by Haleyheart Keepers, she always puts a smile on my face and wisdom in my ear…

“The Tree of Life symbolically illustrates that all life is connected. The Tree of Life concept permeates the human collective experience, as exhibited globally throughout science, religion, philosophy and mythology.

We embrace this idea of the Tree of Life Celebration(s) as a starting point for unity from which we intend to branch out. We believe that unity is a co-creative process and encourage all to contribute to the process of anchoring the unity consciousness on the planet through their heart, actions and talents.

The TLC website and Facebook group/page were created to serve those interested in intentionally seeding peace and unity on the planet.

Some of the information offered here is based on consciously honoring and partnering with the cycles of life viewed through the lens of the Mayan calendar, although not exclusively.

Our community is diverse and comes from all points of view and paths and you will find representation of many of these here. Our main goal is to nurture unity through our open nature, moderate speech and shared resources.

We intend to nurture and support the connection with, the discussion of, and the planning for global events and celebrations.

All of these things relate to consciously flowing and working with the energies of the cycles of life.

We believe that our strength lies in our diversity.

We embrace and respect people of ALL sexes, cultures, races, and personal philosophies.

We welcome all with a good heart and open mind.”

Have an excellent day,
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