Unity And The Coming of 2012

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I am not entirely sure what happened to start this off, but I absolutely love the energy behind it.

United we stand, divided we fall. It’s a simple math equation.

It hasn’t been about who is right or who is wrong for a very long time.
It has been about who has more energy, more votes or people on their side and this video is a perfect example of exactly that!

Tomorrow, March 9 2011, signifies the beginning of the Ninth wave for many that are connected to the Mayan prophecies/calendar.
I myself have become very interested in this activation. I believe it is the ‘thing’ I have always known I would witness.

As a young girl, it wasn’t that I knew it was the ‘Mayan calendar’ per se- but I have always known that I would witness and participate in one of the greatest events in Human history.
The awakening to singularity, unity of our planetary beings, and the loss of fear and hate.

I close with a great message I just got from the Peacexpeace.org group.

Holy Beings by every name have the same message, and it’s our message too: Love and respect one another, and win peace by peaceful means―voice by voice, peace by peace.

May You Find Your Day In Peace,
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