Wisdom From The Tree of Life Celebration

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This is from one of the members of a fabulous group called, Tree of Life Celebration.
She said I could share her wisdoms and so here it is…please visit them and learn more.

We are in a time when our BE-ing is so much more important than our doing.

If we are consistently connecting with the world from our hearts and passions then the things that we need to complete don’t feel as much like DO-ing because they are directly related to the flow of our hearts.

As for me, the last couple of weeks I have felt like I’ve been dancing the Ninth Wave Shuffle where the dance steps are constantly changing because I fell out of alignment with the music of my own heart.

I have recently re-membered that my heart is a master composer and choreographer which beckons me to dance to my heart’s own music so that the steps flow much more easily for me.

It’s all good as I listen to the rhythm of spirit and re-write the music that I wish to dance to.

I embrace my ninth wave adventure!
Alecia Keepers from The Tree of Life Celebration

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