Are You Sustainable?

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It is time to remember. Time to gather. Time to learn and return to the basics.

There is a hard core truth staring us in the face. Of course, truth doesn’t ‘care’ if anyone believes it or not- it still remains true.

This truth is a simple math equation that says the model that we currently run and live our lives by is not able to sustain itself for much longer and certainly not indefinitely. Most of us are using a number of finite resources to operate our daily routine and do not KNOW how to operate any other way!

During the industrial revolution, we stretched ourselves well beyond our means as individuals, as a country, and as global inhabitants to take care of ourselves. Literally. If even the simplest and smallest of potential disruptions or natural catastrophes were to occur- hundreds of thousands of people will most likely die…

Are you prepared if:
1. You run out of clean drinking water?
2. Your grocer, hardware store, gas station, etc. stops receiving its shipments?
3. Your electricity goes out for more than a week?
4. You need basic medical care during these scenarios?
5. You can not draw money from your bank or some other financial disaster occurs?

Here is the hard core truth of the math equation I spoke of earlier…IF each one of us had to return to a life of “living” off our local area, no more grocery stores to purchase food that is manufactured in a factory or grown in another country, it has been determined that the natural balance of this reality would only sustain 1 billion people.

Our current population sits around 6.4 billion people.

So what happens to the 5.4 billion that are living in their non-renewable economy? 5.4 billion people are out of balance with the natural rhythm of our ecosystem. Will they be able to implement disaster recovery techniques, when necessary?

In the US, one person throws away about 4 pounds of garbage a day. Two thirds of it is food- wasted food that is still safe to eat.
This garbage pile is adding up to about 195 million tons a year = 39,000,000,000 pounds of garbage…
Where is it all going?

I ask these questions because the changes must occur on an individual basis, with you and me. This isn’t a scenario that is argued by scientists any longer…it is factually proven that we are not going to be able to live as we do now.

Our planet simply can not provide us the resources we have been reaping without any regard to replenishing them. Combine this with driving gasoline engines, industry pollution, and our enormous volume of trash we produce every day points to the hard core truth we must face, NOW.

WE MUST LEARN TO LIVE IN A SUSTAINABLE AND RENEWABLE LIFE STYLE or we will perish. Our planet is not really the one at risk…we are the one at risk- you and me and our family and friends.

Let these questions I ask only be the beginning, the catalyst for all the questions you need to ask yourself.
Look into your local area for answers. Google up ‘go green in phoenix az’ for example to find them.

I have found a local, organic farmer in a CSA program (Community Supported Agriculture) just miles from my house. I have recently found these and so many more: this is the nation’s first school of sustainability. this is a cool resource directory for all kinds of Q and A’s

Go back and ask yourself those first 5 ‘Are you prepared?’ questions. How do your answers make you feel, prepared or possibly in deep s***?

With all the hopes and dreams for future of good fortune for us all, I sincerely say-
Please get prepared.
Ramona and the team at the fountain of wellness

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