Sustainability and Emergency Preparedness

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As we research the many aspects of what it means to live a sustainable lifestyle for the 21 Century, Toni and I had a great conversation about what it takes for emergency preparedness of any kind.

Being the Moms that we are, we went right to the root of applying this on a daily and practical level. We asked ourselves what would we need to have in order to deal with situations like no electricity, no petrol for the car, and some basic first aid requirements. Here is what we have come up with so far..

The key to this strategy is to start NOW and add to it each week. This will help spread the costs out over time and to be honest, both Toni and I have been through enough strange emergency situations that we are vigilant not to activate any fearful behavior. It is really interesting to watch what the mind does at times when survival is at the forefront of our thoughts…so be sure to keep your humor and certainty that all is well no matter what!

Get yourself a large plastic bin with a cover that fits in the closet or can be tucked away in the garage.

A.   a large box of matches, candles

B.   a crank or a shake flashlight.. *no batteries*    one for each floor of the house/one for the car

these are not expensive. You can find these on any survival site or the heartland company on line.

C.   a blanket in the car all the time and a couple bath towels

D.   a small tool box or tackle box to build a first aid kit:

1.  bandaids

2.  bottle of hydrogen peroxide/or in the gel form

3.  two wash cloths/a couple zip lock baggies for wet things

4.  one or two bottles of ionic silver

5.  package of needles and spool of surgical or nylon thread

6.  snake bite kit

7.  tube of  After Bite Xtra… rocks for bites, stops itching immediately

8.  bottle of Technu… stops poison ivy itch and heals it immediately.

(anyone traveling on foot/or coming to the woods would want bite remedies and Poison Ivy solutions)

9.  a couple bars of soap.

10. a small jar of honey… for disinfecting wounds.

11.  a roll of gauze and scissors.

12.  small cheap bottle/plastic of vodka…better than rubbing alcohol.

13. collapsible cup or dixie cups.

14.  bottle of daily vitamins for all ages.

15. a few folded trash bags.

16. generic pain killer/or White willow caps

Toni is writing a simple yet comprehensive E-book that I really recommend contacting her and ordering at…she has such a wealth of information under her bonnet and it really shows off when it comes to having practical wisdoms about what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle.

Thanks for all your feedback and have a fantastic day!


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